Change Word puzzle game from Mr EggChick Studios

Simple word game

Change Word

A simple word game to keep you occupied for a long time.

Absolute Crossword is puzzle game from Mr EggChick Studios

Traditional crossword puzzle game

Absolute Crossword

A crossword game with hundreds of challenging puzzles.

Aberdo is a fun platform game from Mr EggChick Studios

A Fun Platform game


Collect all the cures to save everyone by running, jumping and avoiding zombies.

Mr EggChick Studios

Coming Soon

Mr EggChick Studios is working on a number of exciting features:

Absolute Crossword:

- Team play mode to solve same crossword together with your friends.

Change Word:
- Team leaderboard to compete in a small team.
- Word combo bonus scores allowing to have extra points.


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Developer of puzzle and platform games

Mr EggChick Studios